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Rocket Motors

F1 Engine Rocket
Motor for Saturn 5
Launch Vehicle


Models For

Test Loops

Dynamic Animation

3D Printing


Pump Visualization

Arctic Exploration

Architectural Renderings

Architectural visualizations with
accurate landscape
and site modeling

Custom Models

Adding customized entourage models for our architects and developers for military proposals

Fluid Simulation

Dynamic liquid computation
and simulation

3D Product Display

Compelling textured and rendered 3D models to showcase technology

Realflow for Advertising

Animated fluid simulation for advertising, marketing and commercials

Land Rig

Oil & Gas modeling for corporate communication

Product Renderings

Providing illustrations for product design and architectural entourage


Interactive Maps

Interactive e 3D models that help tell the story using dynamic and compelling assets

Illustrate Building Details & Wall Sections

Conveying methods of construction and building detailing for the architectural and engineering sector


Corporate Presentations

Working in the energy sector, providing illustrations to our oil and gas clients

3D Media Assets for Digital Visualization, Interactive Media and Communication

Resolution-3D, LLC (res3D) is a provider of high quality 3D media and presentation materials for inter-disciplinary communication. Through the use of 3D models, animation and interactive products, res3D can tailor a presentation that meets the client’s needs.

  • Our 3D products are used to communicate new ideas, bridge areas of expertise, and fill the knowledge gap for the engineering and scientific communities.
  • We provide a suite of digital products including computer modeling, 3D animation, walkthroughs, renderings, illustrations, customized PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, interactive presentation tools, web design and programming,  interpretive kiosk programming, and marketing media.
  • Our 3D products are used in the oil and gas industry, emerging science and technology sectors, and by engineers, advertising agencies, exhibit designers and fabricators, pharmaceutical companies, research and development teams, and by other companies looking to convey their ideas in an immersive 3D environment.
  • Our products include digital communication, interactive media, and visualization.
  • Res3D has over fifteen years of 3D experience, including work with architects, product and exhibit designers and engineers. Our experience in architecture and interior and industrial design gives us an ability to communicate and collaborate with your design team towards successful projects.

List of Services


Interactive Media


CDR2-AC Coiled Tube Drilling Rig Orientation Animation & Video for Nabors Alaska Drilling and ConocoPhillips.